It is a widely accepted fact that drug abuse is toxic, not only for the individual, but also for the family and his loved ones. Drug abuse is a reason for the breakdown of many family institutions. The person abusing drugs put his loved ones as well as himself in harm’s way by consuming drugs like cocaine.

The debilitating effects of drugs are not limited to the near family, but they also extend their baneful tentacles to the future children of the drug abusers. This point shall be deliberated in detail in the latter part of this article. However, the fact of the matter is that drug abuse is bad and it must be got rid of. 

it is a settled fact that the abusers and addicts of drugs are victims of their habit. When this perspective is adopted, the whole strategy of getting rid of the drug habit changes. We shift our focus from the individual to the habit. One of the best ways to bid good riddance to the drug habit is to get into a rehab centre like Detox to Rehab

At Detox to Rehab, you will be supported at every step of giving up your drug addiction. Giving up drug addiction is not an easy task as the habit tethers itself to the person like a leech. The team of professionals will guide you on this long journey. they are committed to building a community that is drug-free, which is why they are the best in the field. 

The Role of Genes in Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, as stated earlier, is a disease and just like many other diseases, it is heritable, meaning that it can be transferred via genes. There are ongoing studies regarding the role of genes in drug abuse that reveal that besides the living environment, the genes of an individual also play a decisive role in one’s vulnerability to drug addiction.


Drug abuse is a serious issue that must be addressed at the earliest or else, its ramifications would leave you stumped.

Clare Louise

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