Your poor, aching throat makes it harder to communicate, eat, drink, sleep, or otherwise function. Even more annoying is the fact that a wide range of illnesses, including allergies, the common cold, bacterial infections like strep throat, and other conditions, can result in sore throats. 

Warm fluids

Drinking hot liquids, such as soup or tea is a great answer to how to cure sore throat (กลืน น้ำลาย แล้ว เจ็บ คอ วิธี แก้, this is the term in thai). Because warm temperatures soothe the back of your throat, they may also lessen coughing. 


In a glass of warm water mix 1/2 teaspoon salt. For an all-natural sore throat cure, gargle the mixture every three hours. Your throat’s swelling and discomfort can be lessened by using salt water. In addition to relieving throat irritation, baking soda also breaks up mucus and soothes the throat when acid reflux occurs.

Painkillers and antihistamines available over-the-counter

Using an antihistamine might lessen or eliminate sore throats. Pain that is a little deeper in your glands and other areas of your neck can also be relieved by acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen. Histamines are compounds that support the immune system’s defense against external invaders. However, occasionally people overdo it and set off symptoms (that exacerbate sore throats.

Humidity and steam

Have a warm shower. Breathe in the magic that clears your throat when it becomes incredibly heated. Steam helps relieve sore throats, moisten the throat, and release mucus.

The steaming hot drink

A combination drink is made with hot water, honey, and lemon juice. Some individuals include spices like ginger, nutmeg, or cinnamon. Honey coats your throat, relieving inflammation and soothing it. In addition to its antimicrobial qualities, honey’s sweetness helps soothe the nerve endings in your throat and lessen coughing. Spices increase salivation, which benefits your throat’s mucous flow and hydration.

Take a nap

At a respectable hour, place your head on your pillow and close your eyes. As needed, repeat. Do not undervalue physically resting your body and voice. Lying flat may occasionally result in swelling as a result of increased pressure at the back of the throat. To ease the pain and discomfort, try raising the bed or taking a seat with a pillow or bolster.

Things to avoid 

People with sore throats must avoid air without moisture, smoking, and meals that are hot or acidic. Lying down right away after eating, particularly if you get acid reflux should always be avoided.

What is the duration of a sore throat?

Basically, it all relies on the reason behind your sore throat. Most sore throats that are caused by a viral infection, like a cold, will go away within three to ten days. If allergies or a bacterial infection like strep throat is the cause, your sore throat may persist longer if the right drugs or antibiotics are not used. Your sore throat should go away in a day or two if you have a bacterial infection and are appropriately identified and treated.

When to consult a physician for sore throat

Consult your physician if you experience acute, persistent, unrelenting throat pain that extends into your ears. If you have difficulty breathing, opening your mouth, or swallowing or coughing up blood, visit a doctor as soon as possible.