If you are unsatisfied with your dentures, you might like All On Four dental implants. All On Four implants are a complete set of teeth that are set with four posts. They are a good option for people looking for full tooth replacement. Consult the Mankato family dentist to discuss which option is best for your teeth.

Patients suffering from bone loss can benefit from all four dental implants in the following ways:

  • It helps in getting back the bite force 

Dentures affect your diet as well as your eating habits. It gets difficult to chew your food with dentures properly. The process of chewing gets hugely complicated for denture wearers. They will not be able to eat hard and sticky foods as there is a risk of damage to the dentures.

Dentures also impact the bite force of the teeth. Due to their placement, teeth cannot bite with proper strength. Dental implants eliminate this by their titanium post. They are placed so that the patients can eat and chew with more force than dentures. This allows them to eat a variety of foods again.

  • They help in avoiding embarrassing situations.

Dentures keep shifting in your mouth while you may be talking or eating in front of people. It causes great embarrassment to the patients, who may feel uncomfortable interacting with people.

The titanium post of implants helps keep them intact throughout the day without embarrassing moments. The patients can feel confident while socializing and smile without any insecurities. Dental implants eliminate any worries they face, and they can enjoy their time without adjusting their teeth every once in a while.

  • Gives a Permanent Solution

Dentures need replacement after a while. They also need to be frequently repaired. They are at risk for damage as you can drop them while cleansing, and they may get shattered. They also get worn out with time and need to be relined. Your face will change shape as tooth roots will not stimulate your jawbone, leading to frequent adjustments in your dentures, causing you a lot of time and money.

All On Four dental implants do not require cleaning like dentures. They can be cleaned just like natural teeth. This approach is less risky and not prone to damage. The implants can last for a lifetime if they are correctly cared for. Their placement provides stimulation and prevents any changes in your face shape.

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