Makeup is an art unto itself. It helps you enhance your beauty, transform your looks, or if you suffer from breakouts that you don’t want to show the zits, then hide the spots. 

However, makeup also needs to be done the correct way, which does not pertain to your makeup technique but in fact, your products, hygiene practices etc., that you otherwise might not pay heed to. 

On its own, makeup is not an evil or bad thing, but it is the way you go about it that determines the impact of makeup on the skin. 

It is especially pertinent that people with acne prone skin take steps to use makeup in the right way, otherwise, it can compound their condition, meriting a session with their dermatologist via

Common makeup mistakes

Aggressive application 

Your facial skin is rather delicate and thus needs to be dealt with carefully. When you aggressively apply makeup or use the brushes harshly, you risk irritating the skin, or at times, even breaking the skin. 

Carrying makeup incorrectly 

Your makeup needs to be carried and stored properly. If the items are not capped properly, bacteria, alongside dust, can get into the makeup. 

Similarly, many people do not carry or keep their makeup brushes properly as well. Shoving them to the bottom of the dirty bag or drawer then makes the bristles dirty, and when you use them on your face, you transfer bacteria and dirt to your face, leading to breakouts. 

Clean surface 

The canvas on which you apply your paint needs to be clean. Likewise, your face also needs to be clean when you apply makeup on. Dirty skin may have dirt particles and bacteria on it already. When you apply makeup over it, especially oil-based, you further choke your skin, increasing the risk of a breakout. 

Hence, make sure to use a good cleanser before applying make. A good choice is one that contains salicylic acid. 

Makeup application using fingers 

Many makeup experts swear by using fingers for the application of makeup. However, it may also be the reason for your breakouts. Our fingertips carry bacteria, and when we touch out face to do makeup, we also then conveniently transfer the bacteria to the face, where they lead to breakouts. 

Moreover, our fingertips also have oils, germs, and dirt particles, as naturally, we touch multiple surfaces using our hands, leading to the appearance of zits then. 

An easy way to remedy the breakouts is by simply washing your hands before doing the makeup. 

Not cleaning the brushes often 

Makeup brushes may get neglected, or you might not have realized that you need to wash them regularly. However, this neglect may be the reason for your frequent breakouts. Your dirty makeup brushes can harbor bacteria, and using them transfers bacteria onto the skin then, which leads to breakouts. 

Therefore, make sure that you frequently wash your brushes; a good estimate is once a week. You can wash your brushes with shampoo. Likewise, you should also give your sponges a regular cleaning as well. 

Too much foundation 

The science of foundation application needs to be followed for better visual appearance and protection of the skin. A basic rule to be followed is to let the thickness of the foundation follow the thickness of the skin. 

So, for areas where the skin is thin, mainly the forehead and the eyes, apply just a little product. If you go overboard on these areas, then you overwhelm the pores, leading to a cakey appearance and clogged pores. 

Makeup on the zits 

You slather on foundation and concealer to hide the pesky zits, but you end up aggravating the situation. Your skin needs to be unsaddled from products to heal. When you use makeup, you delay the healing, and may even cause more breakouts, meriting a visit to your Dermatologist in Karachi then. 

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