The chewing surfaces of your back teeth can be painted with sealants, which are thin, liquid coating. Your teeth will be protected from damaging microorganisms that cause cavities once a dentist has applied the sealant material and cured and hardened it.

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The following are a few reasons for sealants:

  • For children and teenagers: Cavities are more likely to occur once the six-year molars (the first back permanent teeth) erupt or at any point from 6 to 16 years of age.
  • For adults: Tooth surfaces with deep depression or grooves but no deterioration.
  • For baby teeth: Occasionally carried out if the youngster is prone to cavities and teeth have deep grooves or depression.

Benefits of dental sealants

Suitable for all ages

Sealants are not just for kids but for all ages. Children are common recipients, but adults can shield teeth too. Older patients also have grooves needing protection from bacteria.

They can protect against cavities – 

Dental sealants guard teeth by adding a tooth-colored plastic layer on molars. Bacteria struggle to stick. Applying sealants is painless, with no tooth alterations. Teeth are cleaned, gel applied, sealant painted, and cured.

They can reduce deep grooves – 

Molars’ complex surfaces hinder thorough cleaning, and bristles miss deep grooves. Plaque and debris gather, helping bacteria. Sealants halt decay in these vulnerable areas by preventing buildup.

The process can be quick and painless 

Applying dental sealants is simple: 

  • Cleans teeth
  • Prepare with a mild solution
  • Roughen surface for bonding. 

Acrylic sealant applied, flowing into grooves, hardens in 1-2 minutes, shielding teeth from bacterial buildup.

They are long-lasting – 

Childhood sealant application safeguards teeth during cavity-prone years. Longevity depends on 

  • Proper care
  • Maintaining oral hygiene
  • Avoiding biting hard objects. 

The dentist assesses and advises re-application or repair during regular visits.

It can save you money – 

Sealants offer quick, painless child tooth protection. It is cost-effective compared to restorations, also covered by insurance. It can prevent costly cavities, making sealants the wise preventive choice for children’s dental health.

During an examination, your dentist can assess whether sealants would benefit you or your child. Once eligibility is established, sealants are placed on teeth at the same dentist appointment as an examination or cleaning.

Neil Martinez