Maintaining dental hygiene is a matter of serious importance. If you delay dental visits and avoid the need for regular flossing, you’re inviting serious problems such as gingivitis, periodontitis, plaque, cavities, and the list goes on and on. 

Although well-maintained oral hygiene is always recommended, it’s not a wise call to avoid paying a dentist timely visits. 

You might assume that your teeth and gums are in perfect condition, but if you suffer from issues as minor as bad breath or sensitivity, it clearly means you require more than maintaining oral hygiene at home. 

This quick post will shed light on how some dental treatments can save the day and also the importance of visiting not just any dentist, but an experienced dentist. Dive in!

Top 2 Dental Treatments: Do you require frequent dental visits?

Sometimes, some quite minor issues can turn so major that a tooth extraction might be needed. If only you had paid a visit to dental clinics such as Clinique Dentaire Saba that the issue could have been resolved. 

Nevertheless, here’s a list of two dental treatments that shouldn’t be delayed. 

#1. Dental obturations

Cavities, these days, have become more common than ever. Bad eating habits and poor oral hygiene lead to tooth decay and cavities. 

The treatment for cavities is Dental obturation, also known as fillings in layman’s terms. The obturations are used to fill the gaps left behind by tooth decay. 

The fillings are either amalgam or composite. The former is known as grey filling and the latter is white esthetic filling. The type that you require will be suggested by your dentist. 

Cavities are the leading reasons behind tooth sensitivity. If not tended to, you might develop infections and require a root canal surgery later on.  

#2. Root Canal Treatment

If an infection within the dental pulp isn’t treated timely, it leads to major pain and swelling. That’s when you require root canal surgery. The treatment aims at repairing the damaged tooth. 

Here are certain signs that you require this endodontic treatment instead of fillers:

  • Despite fillings, the cavity will keep resurfacing frequently. 
  • You’ll experience a lot of tooth pain and sensitivity. 
  • There’ll be visible tooth chipping.
  • Gum swelling and gum pimples are other important signs. 

Why do you require an experienced dentist only?

You will experience the signs and symptoms of dental issues, but it’s in the hands of a dentist to find out the problem and suggest the most suitable treatment. 

Only an experienced dentist will be able to suggest treatments that might be able to save your teeth from getting extracted. 

In a nutshell, if you visit an inexperienced dentist, the problem might not get detected and treated in the right way. So, seeking help from dental clinics like Clinique is the best option.

Phillip Steinfeldt