Root canal treatment or also known as endodontic therapy is one of the many dental treatments that are available for removal of a damaged or infected tooth from the root. This is the best procedure for avoiding the chances of an infected tooth affecting the neighboring healthy teeth as well. 

Root Canal treatment focuses on the roots and crown of a tooth. A root canal is a part of every tooth and it is connected to blood vessels, nerves, and other such cells connected to the tooth. This part of the tooth is also known as pulp or the hollow section in a tooth. 

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Steps of Root Canal procedure 

Here are steps that are followed for a successful root canal treatment procedure. 

  • Cleaning 

Everything present inside the root canal of a tooth is removed in the first step. The Rancho Bernardo dentist will first put you under local anesthesia and drill a hole on the tooth layer. This will give them enough access to remove all the unwanted things such as the dead pulp tissue, infections, and so on from the tooth under the treatment. 

  • Filling 

With the help of some irrigation solutions and tiny files, the dentist will clean the contaminants that are present in the hollow area. Here, the tooth will also be subjected to cleaning and shaping. The hollow region will be then filled with adhesive cement and rubber-like material to seal the hollow region completely. 

  • Crown addition 

The tooth that is subjected to the root canal procedure will be more fragile than the other teeth. Hence, it should receive all the required protection and nourishment. The addition of crowns will protect the tooth from becoming brittle, and also keep it strong till it regains its attachment to the bone layer in the gum. 

Facts of Root Canal Treatment 

Most of the dentist Rancho Bernardo services get questions regarding many things on root canal treatment procedures. Here are some answers to such questions. 

  • Pain from root canal treatment procedure 

This treatment is not as painful as it is explained somewhere. You will not feel more pain than what you feel during some other dental procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, filling, and so on. However, soreness is expected. 

  • When to choose?

The best dentist Rancho Bernardo suggests booking an appointment for a root canal treatment procedure when you notice pimples on the gums, pain while biting and chewing, cracked or chipped teeth, tender or swollen gums, and so on. 

Sometimes the lingering sense of sensitivity after eating or drinking something hot or cold will also suggest damage in the root canal of your teeth.

Hence, whenever you feel any of these symptoms, you should book an appointment as early as possible. 

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