What if you have an important meeting and are not feeling well due to an incomplete bowel movement. A clear bowel movement always helps you get a fresh start in the morning itself.

It is even dreadful to imagine the situation of spending a long time sitting on your toilet seat and getting late for an important task. 

You may be familiar with such incidents if you have hemorrhoids or popularly known as piles. Even if you are taking the best medicine for piles in India, some easy home remedies can give you relief from the disturbances caused by hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids:

  • Consume More Fluids-


  If you have piles, your main focus should be to let your stool pass easily. To make it happen, you should drink a lot of liquid foods so that your stool gets softened. Besides drinking plenty of water, you can also drink fruit juice, soup, etc.

  • Use Cotton Clothes-

Try to use loose cotton underwear. It will help to pass the air, which will keep the place dry. It will resist moisturizing hemorrhoids. It will also resist the formation of more hemorrhoids. 

  • Sit On Soft Surface-

Try to avoid sitting on hard surfaces as much as possible. By sitting on a hard surface, you will feel more discomfort. Sit on a soft surface by using a cushion or pillow. It will prevent hemorrhoids from swelling. You will also feel comfortable and ease your pain. 

  • Exercise-

A regular exercise of 15 to 20 minutes can help bowel movement. Exercising helps you to increase the blood flow by delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to the affected area. Regular exercise also helps to strengthen the muscle in the pelvic area.

  • Take Warm Bath-

Warm water can reduce any kind of pain and itching. Sitting in a tub for a few minutes filled with warm water can give you relief from pain and other discomforts of piles or hemorrhoids. You can also add apple cider vinegar or other ingredients to reduce the symptoms.

  • Have Fibrous Foods-

Have a lot of fibrous foods. It helps to soften the stool. You also don’t need to take anti-ulcer medicines as fiber reduces the amount of acid in your stomach. Eat beans, berries, popcorn, apples, and dried fruits that are highly enriched with fiber.

  • Aloe Vera-

Aloe vera is used to treat many skin-related problems. Its anti-inflammatory effect helps to heal wounds. Applying aloe vera to the anus helps to reduce itching, burning, swelling caused by hemorrhoids. Gels made of aloe vera are available in the market as well as on online platforms.

  • Ice Pack-

Applying an ice pack to the hemorrhoids also helps to ease the pain and reduce itching and burning. You can apply the ice by wrapping it with a towel or other material to avoid skin damage. Leave the ice pack on the hemorrhoid area for at least 15 minutes and repeat the process after the gap every few hours. 

  • Build Healthy Habits-

Don’t sit on the toilet for long. It causes the hemorrhoids to push out and be swollen. Raise the knee to a little above by placing something under your feet. By sitting in this position you allow your rectum to pass the stool easily.

  • Keep It Clean-

You should regularly clean the anal area after every bowel movement. To do so, you can use a piece of cotton cloth soaked in warm water or a baby wipe. After cleaning, you can apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil if you feel inflammation or irritation.


Besides applying the aforementioned home remedies, you can also take medicines to soothe the severe pain or itching. Healthskool Pharmacy is one such platform to make available all kinds of medicines besides pain killers.


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