Double eyelid surgery is no doubt one of the most sought after cosmetic surgery procedure among Asians. While westerners may undergo eyelid procedures in order to improve the appearance of their hooded eyelids that sag and add more years to their look as they grow old, a lot of Asians turn to double eyelid surgery, or Epicanthoplasty, at a younger age to get creases in their eyelids and make their eyes look bigger. Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is not only popular among women, but also in men.  

A monolid is a common eye shape among Asian men and women. It is identified by an eyelid that is without a fold. Although a monolid is natural and not a medical defect at all, it may have an effect on the appearance of a person. An individual whose eyelids have no obvious creases may look aloof, apathetic, exhausted, or sad. Men who wish to correct their features can bank on double eyelid surgery to make them look more alert and attractive.

Epicanthoplasty: What is it?

Epicanthoplasty is another medical term for double eyelid surgery. This procedure is specifically performed on eyes with monolids in order to create a fold in the eyelids and alter the shape and size of the eyes. This type of double eyelid surgery is performed by lengthening the eyelid’s horizontal opening, making the eyes bigger, and eliminating the monolid or Mongolian fold. 

Benefits of double eyelid surgery for men

There are several benefits that men can gain from getting a double eyelid surgery. These include:

Difference between double eyelid surgery done in men and women

In general, the steps involved in performing the surgery are the same. However, the approach in designing or shaping the double eyelid is different. 

The preferred size of the double lid for Asian men is typically thinner as compared to women. Despite the want for change, most men opt not to undergo significant alterations that would make their appearance look obviously unnatural. To keep the eyes more natural looking, the eyelid crease should be placed at a height that is much lower, somewhere around 4mm to 7mm in measurement. Men whose monolids have few to no excess skin should have a low crease (4mm) and those with excess skin may go for a slightly higher fold location (~7mm).

In addition to this, it is very important that the eyelid folds created by double eyelid surgery in men should look flawless—meaning without any visible scarring. The reason for this is men, unlike women, normally do not use makeup and cannot hide any unfortunate presence of scarring in the eyelids. 

Techniques in performing double eyelid surgery in Singapore

There are two techniques in performing double eyelid surgery:

  • Medial Epicanthoplasty
  • Lateral Epicanthoplasty

When a patient’s Mongolian fold, or inner edge of the eyelids, is more prominent, medial epicanthoplasty is the method used to make changes to the eyelids. This is done through the following steps:

  1. The desired design is marked by the surgeon on the inner edge and along the eyelid
  2. An incision is made into the Mongolian fold down the cutting line
  3. The eyelid crease is made with sutures 
  4. Incisions or scarring are unnoticeable as they are hidden along the fold

Medial Epicanthoplasty is best for people who:

  • Have a gap between the eyes that is wide
  • Have inner corners of the eyes that slope downwards
  • Have severe monolids

On the other hand, lateral Epicanthoplasty is done on the opposite part or the outer edge the eye. This procedure is able to alter the angle and form of a slanting eye shape. The process of doing this is as follows:

  1. The desired design is marked by the surgeon on outer edge and along the eyelid
  2. Skin is incised, reshaped, and reattached to lift the eye’s outer corner

Lateral Epicanthoplasty is best for people who:

  1. Have eyes that are extremely close and unfit for medial Epicanthoplasty
  2. Have outer corner of the eyes that slope 
  3. Have an eye shape that makes them look intimidating or fierce

Both types of double eyelid procedures are done as outpatient and completed within 30 to 60 minutes. Hospitalization is not needed. To minimize discomfort during the surgery, local anaesthetia with sedation is administered. Depending on the type of suture used, removal of stitches may be done 7 days after the procedure. Full recovery is expected after a week. Results of both medial and lateral Epicanthoplasty are permanent.

Alternative treatments for getting double eyelids

If you are still unsure if you are ready for permanent double eyelids from double eyelid surgery, then try you can try using double eyelid tape or glue. 

Benefits of double eyelid tape or glue:

  • Costs way cheaper than surgery
  • Easily removed
  • Eyelid crease, albeit temporary
  • Preview of your double eyelid look prior to deciding to go for surgery

Disadvantages of double eyelid tape or glue:

  • Adverse reaction to adhesive substance
  • Daily application
  • Noticeable when not applied properly
  • May cause irritation and redness to the eyelids
  • Risk of getting the glue or tape into the eyes, which can cause damage or injury to your eyesight

In summary

Medically speaking, having a monolid is not an abnormality. The choice to have one’s eyelids altered depends upon the personal desire of a patient. 

Double eyelid surgery for men is the only way to get a permanent double eyelid crease. This procedure can soften the facial features of male patients by removing the monolid and creating a crease in the eyelid. The double lid folds alter the shape and size of the eyes. Compared to women, men’s double eyelid crease are usually thinner or smaller and lean closely toward a more natural look. 

Be sure to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to avoid getting a botched double eyelid surgery result.

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