Once our bodies start aging, our skin and body begin to witness specific changes. These physiological changes significantly impact the skin and human minds. There are multiple apparent changes on the outside, but the insides change more rapidly than expected. If we keenly observe our bodies and try know how they are changing, we can accordingly take action to improve our well-being.


The heart is an organ that works round the clock, pumping blood day and night, irrespective of your active or inactive state. It beats more than about 2.5 billion times during your lifetime. With aging, the elasticity of the blood vessels is lost, and artery walls start having fatty deposits as build-ups. As a result, the heart needs to work a lot harder to circulate the blood throughout the body and eventually, develops issues like hypertension and atherosclerosis. 

Bones, muscles and joints

With increasing age, bone density and size are lost. There are multiple cases of people becoming shorter. The chances of getting fractured also increase. This is because strength and flexibility of the muscles, tendons, and joints tend to lower. Exercising is a great way to combat these issues.

Digestive system

With age, the reflexes of the digestive system and its ability to swallow slows down. The oesophagus contracts with lesser force, and the flow of digestive secretions also get lowered. This result in loss of ability to digest the food.

Kidneys and urinary tract

Kidneys lose their efficiency over time and cannot effectively remove the waste from the blood. They also shrink in size by losing the cells. They get even more damaged with the onset of chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. 

Brain and nervous system

It is our natural tendency to lose cells while we age. This also holds true in the case of our brain. Memory loss becomes an everyday affair as the cell count starts decreasing. And, the brain must compensate for this tragedy by building more connections across cells to preserve its function. As a result, the reflexes slow down massively, highly distracting the mind where the brain to organ coordination also hits the lowest.

All of the above physiological effects have a significant impact on one’s mental state and skin. Hence, Clinique Anti Aging is the solution for all of your skin issues arising from aging. Observe your body for the signs of aging today to get the best treatment right away. 

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