Vaping is becoming popular these days as it is safe than smoking and gives users the same or better experience than smoking. Most people who already smoke want to try vaping but hesitate to invest in it as they feel that they will like it. In any case, if they do not like it, then it would be a complete waste of money. So, here is the perfect solution for those who want to carry a vape while travelling for a day. You can purchase Exhalewell HHC disposable vape pens. They do not cost as much as vape pens, and you can use them two to three times up to the last drop present in the pen and throw them as disposable vape pens.

HHC Disposable vape pens

A handy HHC disposable vape launched by Exhalewell is for relaxation and pain medication. It is an electronic gadget that utilises propylene, nicotine, and flavouring cartridge. It produces vapour after the canister’s fluid is heated and inhaled by the user. There are several strengths and flavours from which HHC disposable vapes come. Moreover, these vape does not interfere with the user’s daily activity and offers relaxation and boosts energy level in the body. HHC potency level differs from Delts-8 to Delta-9. It contains 80mg terpenes and 900mg HHC extracted from hemp plants. There are no additives, cutting agents, or fillers. Users can use this device until the last drop is present since it is completely rechargeable. 

Method to use these vape

Exhalewell HHC disposable vape is very convenient and easy to use and carry. The mass of HHC disposables features tiny tubes or pens. This device has two ends: the top end is known as the toggle, and the end at the bottom is known as the cartridge. The cartridge is the part which goes into the mouthpiece, and the toggle is used to activate the device. To heat the liquid in the canister, you must press the button in the device, after which the liquid will start turning into vapour. 

Exhalewell has designed HHC disposable vape pens primarily for smokers who want to use vape but do not desire to purchase or invest in reusable vape devices due to some of the reasons. However, this is a cost-effective and suitable device which can be used to gain the experience of the vape. It is also suitable for users who prefer to carry the extra charger or casings, as they can use it twice or thrice when required.


Clare Louise