Have you ever had an accident that ended up in a broken tooth? Or you might know someone who had unbearable dental pain at odd hours but could not be solved immediately as he or she could not find a good dentist on a weekend or at night. This is the reason why you need a well-equipped emergency dental clinic like East Bentleigh Dental Group in Melbourne. Fortunately, their emergency dentist can provide emergency dental repair to properly remedy any damage and even replace missing crowns, fillings, and veneers. The best part is the dentist in Bentleigh East can additionally offer assistance with broken dentures as well.

In general, if you need to book an appointment with your regular dentist, you have to wait. It can be a couple of days, or maybe a week or two. But the truth is that any dental pain is the most unpleasant form of pain and so many times you need an emergency dentist right away.

Unlike what many people think, tooth loss is not just a case that necessitates an emergency visit to a dentist. Many other situations in which you need to visit an emergency clinic are the following:

  • A cracked tooth: It does not matter how small your crack in the tooth is; if you even have a chipped tooth, bacteria can slowly penetrate even in your tiniest of cracks, and gradually with time a large cavity can develop. But when you visit a reputable dental clinic like East Bentleigh Dental Group in Melbourne, in order to avoid any further issues, a dentist will restore it, using composite resin.
  • Poking wires: When you are under orthodontic treatment, your wire can begin to cause you some damage and this could result in great discomfort.
  • Filling falls off: Before you visit a dentist, be sure to keep that area clean until you reach the dental clinic.
  • Laceration of soft tissues: Parts like lips, tongue, or cheeks.
  • Tooth loss: A tooth that has been knocked out completely qualifies for dental attention immediately. Try locating the tooth and properly preserving it, and if possible, place it in a glass of milk.
  • Crown falls off: You must ensure to keep the crown when you see your dentist. If the crown is in good condition, it will most probably be re-applied.
  • Dental trauma: Maybe you are walking and accidentally trip and fall, or maybe in a middle of a game, some of your teeth suffered severe damage. In such cases, you must see your emergency dentist. If you fail to do so right away, it can cause your affected tooth to be at a high risk of long-term damage or even tooth loss.

If you need the best and most timely emergency dental clinic, book an appointment at East Bentleigh Dental Group today. They offer the latest and advanced technologies in sleep dentistry as well as sedation dentistry to put their patients at ease, while their qualified dentists work hard to repair the damage. From dental implants, and root canal procedures to fillings, their emergency dental team can take care of any dental problem efficiently.

Phillip Steinfeldt