One of the most common and successful methods for replacing lost pearly teeth is dentures. You will once more be able to take pleasure in a complete and useful grin thanks to these repairs. You must still exercise caution when eating while donning your new teeth because it may harm your nutrition in general. Continue reading to learn how wearing prosthetics affects your nutrition, how dental implants can help you, and how an El Cerrito dentist can help!

Diet and dentures

You must be able to consume various nutrient-dense meals if you want to keep a well-balanced diet. Lean meats, fresh produce, whole grains, dairy goods, and fruits and vegetables are a few examples. Dentures can give you back your wide grin, but they do not always provide enough bite strength to allow you to appreciate healthier food choices.

What Could Create a Food Deficiency?

Only about 25–30% of a patient’s biting strength may be restored by conventional prostheses. As a result, they will not be able to eat some meals that are challenging to chew after their restorations. Some more nutritious choices are either viscous or chewy, which can cause the teeth to shift. Despite the fact that patients may find it simpler to maintain a diet high in soft foods, many of these indulgences are also laden with sugars and carbs (such as white bread, ice cream, etc.). Consuming these foods in excess can lead to future dental health problems. Denture users are more likely to experience problems with proper digestion and nutrient absorption if they are unable to chew easily and efficiently.

What Benefits Do Dental Implants Offer?

Because of your teeth, do you typically find it difficult to chew some foods or cut out indulgences entirely from your diet? In that case, switching to tooth implants might be an option. You will be able to recover 80% or more of your biting power by securing your replacement teeth firmly to your jawbone, enabling you to chow down on all of your favored foods. In the long term, maintaining a more nutrient-dense diet is possible thanks to dental implants’ ability to make eating simpler and break through tougher, harder foods.

Feel free to discuss dental implants with your dentist if you are finding it challenging to consume easily with your dentures. You can be confident that by switching, your overall health and nutrition will both increase!

Neil Martinez